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3D Printed Universal Phone Cradle - Integrated Wireless Charger

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I wanted a wireless charging cradle with a steep angle, so I could view the screen while at my desk. Most of the wireless chargers lay flat or at a slight angle. I decided to purchase a cheap wireless charger for $20 and build my own. Phones with a thickness less than 11mm should work fine. Leave a comment if you want a model with a different phone thickness.

Here is the wireless charger I purchased.

The phone cradle has been modeled to print quickly. My printer managed to print it off in around an hour. Other phone cradles that I tried to print took forever to print for what they are.

Here are the slicing settings used with my 0.35mm nozzel
- Model wall thickness: 1.6mm (This is not a setting but the thickness of the model)
- Skin thickness: 0.8mm
- Number of loops: 2
- Extrusion width: 0.4mm
- Layer thickness: 0.2mm
- Infill: 100%

The filament used in this print came from ORDSolutions.com

Additional Information

  • Layer Height:
  • 3D Software:
  • Printer Used:
  • Slicer:
  • Infill:
  • Support Material:
  • .2
  • Solid Edge
  • Type A
  • Kisslicer
  • 100%
  • No

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