Tardis Motion Sensor Alarm

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I had a motion sensor for a security system kicking around for a long time. After seeing the Dr Who Tardis model on Thingiverse. I thought the sensor would work well to active a LED in the model. After printing off the Tardis and transplanting the electronics in to it. I would have to say that it works very well. It is going to make a great addition to my cube at work!

The filament used in this print came from http://www.ORDSolutions.com

Props to charlesworth-dynamics.com for creating this great model. Please support him by buying his Tardis lighting kit here.

Feel free to leave me any questions or comments below and I'll get back to you.


Additional Information

Layer Height: 200 microns
Printer Used: Type A
Slicer: Kisslicer
Infill: 100%
Support Material: No


  • http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:124033

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willy3d (Feb 11, 2014)
Malcolm, Great Job! Any heating issues with the electronics and printed material? Did you use PLA for this one?
Nope not any heat with these electronics. I used PLA from ORDSolutions.com.

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